About Us


Welcome! THE BEST WAY to learn about Buddhism and our temple is to come and experience it. There are services, activities, organizations, and events for people of all ages. The core of temple life is found in its services and in learning the Buddhist teachings (dharma). West Los Angeles Buddhist Temple (WLABT) services include regular Sunday services, as well as special observances (e.g., the birth of Shakyamuni Buddha). For adults, there are discussion groups after regular Sunday services as well as study class on Thursday. For children of all ages, there is Dharma School, where they learn the Buddhist teaching in age-appropriate lessons and activities. Religious life is enhanced and enriched by programs and events that encourage sangha (Buddhist community) members to get to know one another. Families will be interested to know that besides Dharma School, WLABT has a Sangha Teens group for junior high school students, Jr. YBA (Junior Young Buddhist Association) for high school students, and YBA (Young Buddhist Association) for college students. Women may wish to support the temple through participation in the BWA (Buddhist Women’s Association), and men may wish to help through the Buddhist Men.

WLABT Information

The present WLABT was organized in 1926 as one of the branches of the Los Angeles Hompa Hongwanji Buddhist Temple. Prior to this time, there was no official body that could accommodate the religious needs of Buddhists in the West Los Angeles area.

The founding of WLABT has enabled us to offer a full range of services, supported by an organizational body structured to meet the religious needs of temple members. Because of this growth, meeting day-to-day administrative and operational needs is a very time and resource consuming endeavor. The biggest problem is finding human resources (volunteers) to staff committees and to implement various organizational activities. The logical and ideal solution is to have increased participation and involvement from the membership. Granted, we need ongoing financial support, but moreover, we need your involvement in decision-making and your participation in temple activities.