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Submissions for the February 2020 Bulletin due on January 1, 2020

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A suggestion was made that we should explore how many Bulletin subscribers would be willing to receive the Bulletin by e-mail. E-mail delivery would help reduce the late delivery problem and helps reduce labor.

If you are willing, please send an e-mail message to thebulletin@wlabt.org indicating that you would like to be added to the email notification list when a new Bulletin becomes available for download and that you would like to be removed from the mailing list of the the mailed version of the Bulletin.

You must have noticed in recent issues that we are including more photos. This reflects Rev. Usuki’s philosophy of liberally sprinkling photos in Bulletin articles, and he himself has contributed a great many photos for possible use in articles.

You too are welcome to submit photos with the understanding that they may not be used and will not be returned. We prefer that you submit photos in digital form delivered as files attached to e-mail addressed to Elaine Fukumoto . We suggest you put enough information about the photo in the body of the e-mail so that it can be used in an accompanying article to perk up the reader’s interest.

The WLA Board decided each organization (Dharma School, BWA, etc.) should appoint a reporter who will have two responsibilities:

Determine what news about their organization needs to be in each issue.
Compose the article and submit it by the deadline to Elaine Fukumoto.

The Bulletin Staff has no responsibility for composing articles for organizations or for chasing after articles. In other words, if an organization doesn’t have an article in by the deadline, none will get published.

You do not have to be a reporter to submit articles. If you have something the members might be interested in, by all means write it up and submit it. Although we prefer that you submit the article as a digital file via e-mail attachment, typed or hand written copy will be accepted.