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Please contact the Temple office for more information on becoming a member.

The obvious benefit of being a WLABT member is the knowledge and experience of joining the Buddha Dharma, attending services and carrying a share of the burden necessary to sustain Jodo Shinshu in Los Angeles, California. Without member’s participation, our Temple could not continue its work of spreading the Dharma. Thus, the satisfaction and assurance of successful Temple activities and programs provide the greatest benefit.

There are other benefits for WLABT members which are not as obvious. These benefits include:

  • Free subscription to Wheel Of Dharma, a BCA monthly publication
  • Special rates and prioritized use of Temple facilities, e.g., wedding and funerals.
  • Prioritized participation in WLABT cultural activities.
  • Receipt of all Temple news and reports including the General Membership’s
  • Annual Report upon request.
  • Receipt of the WLABT Membership Handbook and future publications of WLABT.
  • Eligibility for WLABT scholarships.
  • Automatic eligibility to attend Buddhist Churches of America or Institute of¬†Buddhist Studies sponsored religious seminars.
  • Eligibility to serve on WLABT Board of Directors and to vote in All WLABT Elections.
  • Participation in Tisarana ceremony, Hatsumairi and others.