Minister Biography

kanshoWith the retirement of Rev. Harold Oda on October 31, 2004 Bishop Koshin Ogui of the Buddhist Churches of America (BCA) assigned Rev. Fumiaki Usuki as the resident minister of our Temple.

Rev. Usuki’s first assignment as a minister was at Los Angeles Hompa Hongwanji Buddhist Temple (Los Angeles Betsuin).

Rev. Usuki received his Tokudo and Kyoshi ordination in Kyoto, Japan in December 2000, and his Kaikyoshi status in November 2001. Prior to beginning his assignment at Betsuin in September 2001.

Before choosing the path of a Jodo Shinshu minister, Rev. Usuki began his working career in the 1970’s at National Semiconductor and Fairchild Systems, both well-known high-tech companies in Silicon Valley.

In 1986 he became an instructor in San Jose State University’s Division of Technology, teaching CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) and worked in the technology field. This was his last industrial experience before entering the Institute of Buddhist Studies to study for the Jodo Shinshu ministry.

Personal Data
Rev. Usuki was born in Kagoshima, Japan on November 17, 1950. From 1960 and until he began working in 1970, he was affiliated with Oxnard Buddhist Temple where his mother is still an active member. Subsequently, he was affiliated with Watsonville Buddhist Temple where at various times he was a Dharma School Teacher, Temple Vice President and Temple President.

He graduated Oxnard High School in 1969, received both BA and MA degrees in Industrial Technology from San Jose State University, and a MJS (Master in Jodo Shinshu) degree from the Institute of Buddhist Studies in 2000.

His hobbies include golf, travel and restoring old cars. Rev. Usuki is married to Rev. Patricia Kanaya Usuki who is the resident minister of San Fernando Buddhist Templelogo_external_link