2015 Buddhist Men Cabinet
President Milton Iwamoto
Vice President Jim Shimomaye
Recording Secretary Sei Shohara
Religious Chair Rick Stambul
Publicity Chair Jack Fujimoto
Historian Masao Sasaki
Treasurer Ichiro Ouchi
Membership Chairman Hidemi Ohkawahira

WLABT Buddhist Men is an organization open to adult males who support the organization’s primary purpose of helping WLABT carry out its activities. Other objectives of Buddhist Men are to create opportunities for both religious and social fellowship among its members; help promote youth and young adult interest and participation in WLABT religious, social, and athletic activities; and, when necessary, cooperate in community and civic activities that benefit the Temple. There are no firm age restrictions for membership in Buddhist Men; customarily, the low end of the range has been about 40 years of age.


Annual activities include a memorial service in December held jointly with BWA to remember deceased members; an Installation Dinner in February to install new organization officers; playing a leading role in putting on the WLABT Obon Festival and Odori fundraiser in July; an Appreciation Dinner in August to thank members for helping during Obon; a three-day visit to Las Vegas in September; and a Kanreki Party in November to honor those reaching the auspicious ages of 60, 70, 77, 80, 88, 90, or 99 during the year.