Buddhist Women's Association

2017 BWA Cabinet

Co-Presidents – Beverly Yahata, Connie Yahata
VP Religious – Beverly Yahata
VP Activities – Mary Hahn, Silvia Diaz-Perez
Secretary – Janice Ikkanda-Trost
Treasurer – Connie Yahata
Obon – Shirley Ito
Membership – Diane Ohkawahira
Publicity – Anne Guild
Historian – TBD
Ex-Officio – Haru Matsumune, Beverly Yahta

In 1999, two WLABT women’s groups, Fujinkai and Ladies Guild, combined to form WLABT BWA. BWA is an integral part of WLABT, and all women are invited to become vital participants in its activities.

WLABT Fujinkai, whose history predates World War II, was reorganized in 1949. Besides raising their children and helping their husbands, Fujinkai members gave their time to many Temple activities. The Fujinkai was responsible for many of the improvements and additions to our physical facilities.

WLABT Ladies Guild was organized in 1951. They held several socials during the year, participated in various fundraising projects, and provided service to the Temple. Other activities included Hanamatsuri hospital visitations, donations to youth activities, supporting Dharma School, participation in the annual Obon Odori, and community activities.

BWA holds monthly meetings to discuss activities and events at the local, district, national, and international levels. The members continue to serve the Temple as did Fujinkai and Ladies Guild, but they also seek ways to encourage younger women to join.