Jr. Young Buddhist Association


WLABT Jr. YBA is for high school students (9th-12th grades, depending on the school district). Jr. YBA is an organization in which young people learn the teachings of the Buddha, leadership skills, organizational techniques; hone social skills; and have fun.

Jr. YBA does projects to assist the elderly and they help at the Obon Festival. Jr. YBA has a number of fundraising projects throughout the year to help pay for their activities.

2012-2013 Jr. YBA Cabinet

Co-Presidents Amanda Bang and Emily Hoy
Vice-President Kellie Arita
Secretary Stefani Yamasaki
Religious Chairperson Justin Mizushima
Historian Katie Hoy
Advisors Kathy and Vance Nishimoto


2012-2013 Jr. YBA Membership Form logo_pdf
2012-2013 Jr. YBA Medical Release Form logo_pdf