Wedding Service

The wedding ceremony is one of the most formal occasions in our lives, and a Buddhist wedding conducted before the shrine of Amida Buddha is truly a beautiful ceremony.

Although “standards” are outlined for Buddhist weddings, if the couple wishes, some modifications can be made, never losing sight that the wedding is being performed in a Buddhist Temple.

When making plans for the wedding, the Temple office should be called as soon as the date has been set so that reservation of the Temple is noted on the master calendar. If the reception is to be held at the Temple, application for use of the facility should be made at that time or as soon as possible.

It is suggested that the couple make an appointment for pre-marriage consultation, before the rehearsal, so that all questions will have been answered before rehearsal night. If the family is in need of an organist, the office can provide names of persons to contact for assistance.

The throwing of rice on the newlyweds is an age-old custom in America. Rice supposedly means fertility. Many young people are drifting away from this ancient custom. However, if rice is to be used in sending the couple off to a good start, please confine its use to outside of the Temple garden and gate.

It is customary to make a contribution to the Temple as well as offer a gratuity to the minister performing the ceremony. An offering to the Temple should include a separate contribution for after-service cleanup.