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In light of the growing concern about COVID-19, West Los Angeles Buddhist Temple has decided to suspend ALL in-person activities at the temple. We will continue to monitor the situation and advise regarding further adjustments. Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time. In gassho, Connie Yahata – WLABT President


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Welcome! Our temple belongs to a sect of Mahayana Buddhism known as Jodo Shinshu and is situated in the West Los Angeles Sawtelle area of Southern California. I hope you will enjoy the information about our temple on this website. Due to the COVID-19 situation, we currently don’t have any in-person Dharma activities but continue to offer various Dharma opportunities to provide spiritual support and guidance to all through online Dharma gatherings. Please feel free to contact us.
Gassho with palms together.

Rev. Koho Takata, Resident Minister


Hello and welcome to the West LA Buddhist Temple webpage! Thank you for your interest in the WLA temple and your interest in learning more about the Buddha-Dharma. West LA Buddhist Temple follows the tradition of Jodo Shinshu (The True Pure Land teaching), which was elucidated by Shinran Shonin (1173-1263) during the Kamakura Era in Japan. Our buddha of reverence is Amida Buddha, the Buddha of Inconceivable Wisdom and Immeasurable Compassion, and our Buddhist activity is to hear and reflect on the Dharma as it is, by taking refuge in Amida Buddha, Namo Amida Butsu. Through Namo Amida Butsu, the practice of Amida Buddha’s 18th Vow, we are able to be born in Pure Land and attain enlightenment.

Due to COVID-19, our temple is currently not holding any in-person activities, but we are continuing our weekly services virtually on Zoom and live streaming on YouTube. We are learning to adapt our activities during this time of shelter-in-place and social distancing, so please continue to check back frequently for new virtual programs that we will be offering in the future. Please subscribe to our e-mail list and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date with weekly services, temple activities, and education opportunities. Thank you again for visiting our webpage! Namo Amida Butsu

Rev. Ko’e Umezu, Assistant Minister


As the current President of West Los Angeles Buddhist Temple, I extend to you a warm welcome. Please explore our website to find out who we are and what services and activities we offer. We are a Buddhist Temple following the Pure Land school of Mahayana Buddhism, also known as Shin Buddhism. If you attend some of our services, you can expect to hear an exposition of the dharma emphasizing compassion and wisdom, the interdependence and mutability of all things, attachment as the source of suffering and that is just the beginning.

Our Sangha was formed over 90 years ago by Japanese families who settled in the West Los Angeles area and were dedicated to Jodo Shinshu Buddhism. We were initially one of the branches of the Los Angeles Hompa Hongwanji Buddhist Temple, however, in 1950, the temple officially became independent and was designated as the West Los Angeles Buddhist Temple.

Today, we join together with over 50 other Shin Buddhist temples throughout the continental United States all of whom are affiliated with our parent organization, Buddhist Churches of America.

Please join us for our Sunday services and other new and exciting programs being developed by our ministers, Reverend Takata and Reverend Umezu.

Connie Yahata, Temple President